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frozen fruits are <3! :D

Woo! Another one!

Posted by esbetsso on October 6, 2009

Yes it is, ladies and gentlemen…another blog!  This time on wordpress 😀  Which I’m sure has far more cooler things than blogspot..and…stuff.

Actually I don’t know shit at the moment ._. But i really just didn’t want to use blogspot and I REALLY REALLY wanted to make a new blog…very badly ):’s the new blog.

Why frozenfruits you ask?  Cause I bought a blend of frozen strawberries, grapes, mangos, peaches and pineapples last week.  And the pineapples taste heavenly…only cause I haven’t had them in a long time though :/  But yeahhh, I like frozen fruits, hence my blog name.

Of course now I want to do something REALLY cool to this blog.  A new layout for one, that actually fits the whole page (I don’t like layouts that only fit part of the page! You can’t fit big pictures on the page like that D: ), and a cool banner, photoshopped by whoever can photoshop!  If there’s ANYONE who thinks they could photoshop me a cool banner, MSG ME!  I’ll pay you..

in cookies of course 😉

ORRR, if it’s a really nice banner, CUPCAKE POPS!   (just cause I’m that awesome)

wow that’s big o__o;;

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