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Sick at Wonderland ):

Posted by esbetsso on October 18, 2009

Jesus christ I’m stupid. I just HAD to wear a shirt to sleep the day before I went to Wonderland, and just HAD to start coughing in the morning, and just HAD to get sick when I got back, ughhh. But at least It was fun 🙂

We left for Wonderland at like 10am. So early @_@. We were really going for the Halloween Haunt…at 7pm, but ehh, guess we’re bad at math? ;P I was so scared of like every single ride I saw, but thank god my friends made me go on almost all of them. Almost. Rollercoaster aren’t that scary anymore, they’re actually really really really fun.  Except for some that go upsidedown.  I don’t like those ones >(

But that wasn’t the exciting part, Jesse’s man (Brandon) came with his friend (Tyler) before the Halloween haunt so we could all be scared shitless, but unfortunatly, I got a stomach ache from all the shit I ate (hotdog, poutine, kitkats, timmy’s sub, donut, etc) and I was SOOO cold at night.  Yet I wore the most out of everyone (hat, scarf, mittens, wool innerwear, sweatpants, boots, 2 layers of socks, tank, hoodie, jacket, another sweater which my friend lent me for 2 hours)  I mean, hell, that’s a lot of layers.

What was really stupid was, it was totally obvious Jesse liked her man, and he liked her back.  They even held hands and hugged and stuff, but they’re not dating.  I need to get Ayesha to scream at Bradon soon ._.

We were suppose to leave around 10-10:30pm, but we waiting in line for 20 minutes for 1 ride, which was fun.  But totally not worth the wait.  Then Ayesha had a hard time calling her parents to pick us up, cause they didn’t pick up their cell at first.  But eventually we found out that her parents were waiting for us ever since 9:45pm.  Wtf. WTFWTFWTF.  wtf.  When we came out close to 11pm.  Oh mann..

My mom was so worried for me, which I really felt bad for.  I first told her that we’d be home after 10pm (which I actually thought we were, but ended up waiting forever for the last ride), when I actually got home at 11:30pm.  I’m glad she finally went to sleep.

(this was yesterday btw)

So today… I woke up feeling like shit and coughing.  I actually had work from 2-10pm, but I called in sick.

My  and swollen?  Yes..I think.

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