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Got more orders/freebies/samples!

Posted by esbetsso on November 1, 2009

OMGG, yay 🙂  More orders finally came.  Well actually 1, along with 1 sample and 1 freebie.  OKOK, sooo.  I got my orders from Dalki’s Cheap Cottage, which was the grey cardigan, black tote, the brown hat and the hoops.   I also got a notebook, but didn’t bother taking a pic.  My sample was the tampons LOL.  Freebie? McCruelty mask and flyers (I think.  no pic) from Peta2.  It WAS for halloween – I had planned – but I totally forgot about this..and I only checked my mailbox today ;__;  I should wore it to school to scare everyone lol.  Can’t wait for my next orders to arrive! 😀

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  1. cow said

    betty betty betty

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