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I finally picked up lovely shoes orders!

Posted by esbetsso on November 7, 2009

About time right? 😀 It actually arrived on Oct 27th, but I wasn’t home so I had to pick it up this Wednesday.  Yayyy 🙂


Cost: 12.25USD

9/10.  Item is different, who knows why.  I like the bag in their picture, but mine’s fine.  Still super cute.  Only problem is that the inside of the bag isn’t made with a good quality cloth, or w/e.  Still a nice bag for its price.


Cost: 9.97USD

8.5/10.  I bought the wrong size .___.  Well I actually didn’t know my Chinese shoe size was exactly 37, so I wanted to make sure these would fit, so I bought size 38 boots.  They still fit, but I think I’ll just need a pair of thicker socks.  Super cute, I got a few complements on my shoes when I wore these.  Although they’re a little skinny…as in the width of your feet.  So if you have super chubby feet, I wouldn’t suggest these.  Once again, quality isn’t completely awesome, but still good for it’s price.  Totally not waterproof, so I’ll have to put these babies away once it starts snowing ):


Cost: 13.00USD

9/10.  Too many pink things? I think so too.  They’re decent shoes, I think they feel like normal flats…think, since I’ve never worn flats before.  Doesn’t feel bad, quality not bad.  Cute, once again 😛  I just think I need to buy a pair of insoles to wear with these, since they don’t have an arch. I take this all back.  Size 37 is too small.  After a day of walking in these…okay not even a day, 6 hours.  After 6 hours of walking in these, I want to throw these away to the nearest garbage can.  They’re too tight.  I broke one of the heels already ._. cause I fail.  Guess walking in heels just aint my thing.  I’ll stick to flat flats from now on.

The subtotal for those was 35.22USD, plus a 29.40 shipping.  Crazy right? Next time I’ll be sure to order tons of things so I get cheaper shipping 😀 Those were all I got from Lovely Shoes.

Next time…is from ebay.


Costed 0.99USD for the shirt and 3.50USD for shipping.  Totally worth it 😀 even if it was used before.  It fits me perfectly, and just what I needed for the upcoming winter.  But I’ll still need to buy more sweaters >D

Woot, that was fun.

7 Responses to “I finally picked up lovely shoes orders!”

  1. Cow said

    i like them flat hoes

  2. Cow said


  3. Cow said

    i can’t comment on your apple sauce =[[

  4. Cow said

    guess who i am!!! i know who u are and u know who i am so guess!!! ;] not hard

  5. Cow said

    IT’S ME. I can’t hide it anymore. X.X


    I feel like a total creeper now. Buttttt I haven’t been refreshing at your site. XD I just like revisiting over and over to see all the pretty pics of what you bought online & made & stuff. Creepy no?
    Now let me comment on your other blogs. D:

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