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Posted by esbetsso on November 20, 2009

Love them 🙂  Over a sweater, tee or tank, with some skinnies and a pair of boots or flats 😀

Blue-striped Cardigan.  Cost: $12USD

Jade Long Vest.  Cost: $13USD

Black Vest.  Cost: $9USD

$41 in total plus s&h.  Not bad, totally love the blue and green one 🙂

Bought from ebay.  Only $3.79!!  Free shipping.  I’ll totally be buying from this person again 🙂  Item looked exactly as it was in the picture, not like the previous jewelry I bought lol.  I’ll be wearing these on Wednesday I hope 🙂

3 Responses to “Cardigans!”

  1. Ellin said

    Omg, you spoil yourself a lot. xD
    I wish I could get a visa giftcard!!

  2. Ellin said

    I know they sell those visa giftcard things in England & USA.. I tried searching for them at walmart but I can’t find them. Boo.
    It doesn’t have a age limit either (preloaded). Best part.. You can use it online. Darn. I really want one.

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