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Nothing’s been done.

Posted by esbetsso on November 22, 2009

Ehhh, been MIA for 2 days cause I’ve done NOTHING for the past 2 days.  Seriously.  Work, read manga, listen to music, work, work, fudging work, didn’t start homework, sleep, go to washroom, eat.  You know…normal stuff 🙂

I’ve also been shopping around online again…ughhhh.  Bought and paid for some jewelry, a purse and a makeup bag.  Costed bout $60 for all that, I’ll be sure to post pics after I get them.  Man I’ve been buying so much stuff that I’m not even keeping track of what I buy  *sighs*


But most importantly, I’ve been looking around for some things I would like for BDAY/XMAS.  Which now include the Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow makeup palette and the Sigma Makeup Professional Brushes Complete Kit (unless I find something cheaper with same for better quality)

….Maybe with a pair of high-top dunks and a pair of boots?  Winter coat?  Beanies, lots and lots of knit/crochet beanies.  New underwear too :)?  LOL.

Ahha shouldn’t be too greedy this  year.  I gots money so I’ll be buying buncha goodies for friends and family this year…which reminds…  What should I get for mom, dad and aunt this year .___. ?!?!!?

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