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Posted by esbetsso on November 22, 2009

This is so stupid and random I had to make a new category for this: completely random and unnesessary.  Soo….

Today I worked, so obviously I ate what work sells.  What I bought was a Sausage&Egg and Cheddar on a multigrain bagel, and a white macadamia(i think?sp?) cookie.  Just now when I was washing the dishes…uh… .__.  ahem *coughs*  well whatever.  But the main point of this that my fart smelled like Country Style.  LOL?  Srsly.  My fart smelled like work.

I think I’m going to pack a lunch next week.

5 Responses to “OHHHHH…btw…”

  1. Ellin said


  2. Ellin said

    I’m totally gonna order some when I get my VISA 😛

  3. Ellin said

    Broke? O.o

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