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E.L.F. orders :)

Posted by esbetsso on November 25, 2009

Got my elf survey orders yesterday! 😀 😀  So happy, about time to.

Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm in vanilla creme and orange creme.  Cost: $2USD

9/10.  They smell SOOOO GOOD.  Like, soooo good.  I kept on smelling it yesterday at night, and today at school, I told a few of my friends to smell it too, cause its good 🙂  It stays on for quite some time, but the only problem is that it tastes bad .__.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  Lip balm? Tastes bad? wtf?  I don’t eat lip balm lol, just sometimes I lick my lips, and I taste bad tasting lip balm >.>  The lip gloss tastes better.

Super Glossy Lip Shine Box Set of 5, shades in Malt Shake, Goddess, Watermelon, Candlelight, and Pink Kiss.  Cost: $5USD

8.5/10.  The good tasting lip balm 🙂  Smells good too.  Applicator isn’t awesome, so I use my fingers to apply it.  And the stuff isn’ exactly awesome, so you gotta apply it on your lips and smear really well, so it gets through all your lip creases.

Brow Brush + CombCost: $1USD

I don’t know why I even need this o__o

Get the Looks – Neutral Eyes, which includes the Nouveau Neutral Eye Shadow, Clear Brow Mascara, Eyeliner in Coffee, Perfect Tweezers, and Eye Shadow Brush. Cost: $5USD

9/10 Eyeliner.  I love the colour, easy to apply.  It breaks a little easily if you put too much force on it…especially if you accidentally whacked it on your hand… (:

10/10 Tweezers.  Awesome tweezers, I like this better than my asian tweezers and my Wal-Mart tweezers.  Doesn’t hurt as much and actually grabs the little pricks.

9.5/10 Eyeshadow Brush.  Really soft and easy to use.  Expect it shed just a little.

7/10 Eyeshadow. Wasn’t really colourful.  Too light.  Not to mention the eyeshadow comes apart from the block in the case easily.

9/10 Clear mascara.  I really like them for my eyebrows, lol.  It doesn’t do much to your eyelashes, just a little longer and nothing else.  Not bad if you’re going for the natural look, but my other elf mascara in black is better.

Falsh Lashes – Natural Lash-Kit BlackCost: $1USD

Haven’t tried them, I sort of just put them against my eyelash to see what it’d look like, and lemme tell you, HOLY CRAP MY REAL LASHES ARE SHORT.  These fake ones didn’t even look that long at first, but comparing to my short lashes, they’re pretty long.  I’ve read reviews and heard from my friend that these lashes aren’t half bad, but the glue sucks.  So if you’re buying lashes from elf, buy your own lash glue.

Total is $14USD, but after a $2 survey fee, taxes and shipping, it was about $26CAD.  Bleh, sucks.  But whatever, still worth it 🙂

One Response to “E.L.F. orders :)”

  1. Ellin said

    You know what’s NOT worth $26, let alone $80?! Yes, you guessed it! 12 overdue library books!


    Still mad. -_- Send me a warning letter 3 weeks later, not even telling me the fine I had on my account. Pssssh.

    Money suckers.

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