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Posted by esbetsso on November 30, 2009

So volleyball season started for us last week, really happy about it 🙂  I’m actually not that good at volleyball, but I still made it.  I sort of wonder how I made it, I sort of don’t.  I’m not that good,but then again, not everyone was perfect.  My coach, who’s also my fitness teacher knows how hard I’ve worked when school started to prepare for volleyball and increase my vertical jump(which isn’t of much use since I’m libero now).  So ehhh Only 15 girls tried out and 13 of us made the team, but my friend decided that she’s too busy and isn’t joining after all ):  So now I’m in the team, with a bunch of people I don’t know well, and I suck at volleyball compared to half of them *sigh*  So we have 12 girls, a coach, and 2 dudes who help out.  So the guys would come to every practice with us, help us play better and stuff.  Now I think both of them are on victory laps.  I know one is, but I’m not too sure about the other one.  But whatever, point is, they’re pretty hardcore compared to us girls…especially since they’re much taller >.>

So before you can understand what you’re about to read, I’ll need to give some of you guys a better understanding of a float serve.


What is a float serve?

A float serve is exactly as it sounds.  A ball which is served then floats in the air without any spin on it.  Because of the lack of spin on the ball, it will move in the middle of the air.

In other words, if you don’t have good eyes (like me) and do not wear contacts when playing volleyball (like me), and had a floater come straight to you (happened this morning during practice), you might get hit.

What happened was, we were playing 6 vs 4 in practice this morning, and I am now practicing to be a libero (cause my coach said so), so I was running around and taking people’s positions and stuff.  Normal practice, that is until one of the guys, served a floater.  Now as you know, a float serve will move in the middle of the air.

So there I was, ready for the ball.  I was totally 100% ready for it.  Completely ready, ball’s coming… my hands are right there waiting for it..coming…almost here.  Until, WHISH (the sound a ball makes?), it was a floater which I didn’t even know of. The ball moved in the middle of the air just as it was right in front of my face and went BAM on my face.   ._____.  The ball was so hard that it actually pushed me back.  I landed on my butt.  My team was half laughing half going OMG IS SHE OKAY!??!

Now the thing with floaters are, I can’t tell if it’s a floater or a normal serve unless it’s coming directly at me.  I’ve had to get a few floaters today, but they all came from this one girl’s serve, and her floaters sort of drop, unlike the guy’s floater that went up >.>

I’m gonna be totally prepared next time.  COMPLETELY. PREPARED.  or else my face is gonna hurt even more.

A new pair of volleyball shoes and contacts might help next time 🙂

Game at Milliken (i think) on Thursday 🙂

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