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OMG! Dec 1, snow on ground! and camera isn’t working…

Posted by esbetsso on December 1, 2009

So this morning, I slept in a bit cause I haven’t got a good night’s sleep in a while since I have vball quite a few times a week.  So around 8:30, I came downstairs, and I saw snow outside.  And omg, I LOVE snow.  LOVE.  So I screamed.  Yes, screamed.  Literally went AHHHHHHHHHHH.  🙂  So I RAN upstairs to get my aunt’s camera (mine broke 3 years ago) and went outside in my pjs to take pictures of the snow.  Man I was SOOO happy this morning.

But guess what, the camera memory disk isn’t being accepted by my computer for some stupid reason.  Well actually, it isn’t really ‘not being accepted’, it just has no response.  There’s usually a G: disk when I put the memory stick in my laptop, but now it’s not working :/

Sucks, I’ll try to get this to work soon ):

2 Responses to “OMG! Dec 1, snow on ground! and camera isn’t working…”

  1. Ellin said

    I don’t like snow. Cold. Wet. Ice. Danger.
    I have to walk 20-25 mins in it to get to school and again back. x_x

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