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Body inspirations

Posted by esbetsso on December 8, 2009

Hayden Panettiere

She’s hot, and all of you know it.  😉

She’s a major body inspiration for me, since she’s also short 🙂 and looks good as well.  My sources (google :P)tell me that she’s about 5″1.  HEY! That’s about how tall I am 🙂  Well lookatthat.  I feel better already.  If she looks hot being short, why can’t I right?  Yeahhh.  I’m not completely sure how much she weighs, some sources say 113, some say 120.  Doesn’t matter though, she looks hot and REAL.  Ya hear me? Real.  Not like those size 0 models who look like sticks >.>

Random lady

She’s hot too.  no homo!

I have NO idea who this is, so if anyone knows, just tell me and I’ll put her name up here :P.  I just found her picture on soompi and decided she’s hot.  I wish I could look good in spandex LOL

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