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Finished my cupcake pops/balls!

Posted by esbetsso on January 28, 2010

They’re currently resting my fridge, waiting for people to eat them


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New mascara :D …and other things

Posted by esbetsso on January 27, 2010

It’s been a while…? 🙂  Hadn’t felt like blogging for the past weeks, was too busy reading manga >.> .  I’m here now 😀

I got these mascara from ebay a while ago, I’ve only used the green one so far.  It’s not bad for a mascara that costs 3 for $13, with another one as a freebie and an eyeliner as well.  It sorta flakes, but that’s about it.

You can see the difference isn’t huge.  But I would say it’s better than my Lash Blash Luxe, since that one flakes and smudges on me a lot ._.

I went to Markham on Monday with 2 friends – which 1 is a complete idiot >___> At least I got to stop by Michaels.  Man I’ve been wanting to go there since…long ago.  I bought felt, clay, thread and bulletin board 😀 been wanting a bulletin board since LOOONNNG AGO.

Also got another order from soompi 😀  Which includes an Aerie fit bag, green babydoll shirt and 2 pens.  They’re so cute 🙂

Guess what =)


My friend’s birthday was today, and we’re all going to Mandarin on Friday, so I’ll be giving these 17 pops 😀 After they’re all pretty looking of course.  I’ll post them up tomorrow when I’m done making them 😀

They gotta chill in the fridge before I start playing with them 😉

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…Top coat?!?

Posted by esbetsso on January 16, 2010

Ehhh..I feel stupid lol. I went to Shoppers during my break to send my first items I sold from my soompi shop (YESS!) and to buy a base coat for my nails…then I saw something…

…Top coat?

I know this is pretty stupid lmao, but I always just thought people used clear nail polish as the top, didn’t know there was actually a top coat.  Dunno what the difference is, oh well.  It was a sale 🙂 $5 each.

I bought those 2, plus 85% dark chocolate ❤ yumm.

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Ahha..? New nail polish =)

Posted by esbetsso on January 12, 2010

Ahha I haven’t posted in a while have I..? 😛  Been too lazy, but finally found some time to post a little something.  I got this order a while ago, 2 eye shadows, 5 nail polishes and a lip stick 🙂

LOVE the nail polishes, thank god for OPI 😀  Check out the purple.  I like the lip stick too, but its a bit too pink, dunno when I’m ever gonna use it.

Haha and this.  Colonize hoodie 😛 It’s just sitting in my room waiting for something to wear it 😉

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Posted by esbetsso on January 4, 2010


I’m reading One Piece manga.  It’s been 3 days.  I’m on chapter 436 @______@


ok. back to reading.

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Happy 2010!

Posted by esbetsso on January 1, 2010




gawd im so full ._. ate too much

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