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…Top coat?!?

Posted by esbetsso on January 16, 2010

Ehhh..I feel stupid lol. I went to Shoppers during my break to send my first items I sold from my soompi shop (YESS!) and to buy a base coat for my nails…then I saw something…

…Top coat?

I know this is pretty stupid lmao, but I always just thought people used clear nail polish as the top, didn’t know there was actually a top coat.Β  Dunno what the difference is, oh well.Β  It was a sale πŸ™‚ $5 each.

I bought those 2, plus 85% dark chocolate ❀ yumm.

5 Responses to “…Top coat?!?”

  1. Ellin said

    What did you sell? o.o

  2. Ellin said

    Sweet! New tights?

  3. Ellin said

    You should blog more. o.o

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