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Posted by esbetsso on March 3, 2010

Okay so.  I need major motivation to exercise and eat healthy again.  Even my desktop background is trying to motivate me! Wanna see? XD

Lol, and I love how like beside it, there’s my NO$GBA/NO$Zoomer.

Okay, so, back to the main point.  This started..uh… back in Jan/Feb/March of 2009, when I realized I needed to get off my fat ass, exercise and eat healthy.  Then during summer, I still continued to exercise, but not as much. Then school came, and I had fitness class along with volleyball, which was great.  But because of that, I never exercised at home anymore, and also because of that, I ate more.  Like, a LOT more.  ._____.

So now I’m sort of used to not exercising at home…and I really need to.  I have badminton like twice a week right now, which helps me get some extra cardio.  I’m trying to make exercising at home a regular thing again (I bet my basement misses me).

I actually started last week, but I was too lazy to make a blog post.

SO.  From March 1 til June 30 – that’s 4 months – I’m going to work my ass off, and eat like I did a year ago.  I’ll try to make regular posts about exercising and stuff, since I don’t feel like posting any shopping posts – too many pictures.

So my measurements from sometime in February (just pretend it was from March 1 lol) in inches:

Arm right left: 11/10.5  <- wtf this actually pisses me off ._. I want my left arm to catch up to my right one..somehow

Bust: 37  this sorta pisses me off too, my boobs are the last things I need my fat going to

Under the bust?: 30

Waist at belly button: 29  this increases 2 inches from the beginning the school year woooowwww… we’ll see what this number is at the end

Hip: 35  that’s pretty normal right?

Thigh right/left: 22.5/22   I don’t even get how my left thigh is smaller ._.  Since I’m right handed, not right-legged?

Calf: 14.5  heh…

Ankle: 8.5  all bone, so I don’t really expect this to change

Weight: around 127

I will be taking measurements at the end of April and June.  I will also be weighing myself, but my weight thingy sorta sucks, and I’m pretty sure my weight won’t go down that much since I’m going to be doing a lot of strength training.  During these 4 months, I will be running outside (once it gets warm enough for me), doing a bunch of P90/P90 Master Series/P90X workouts, Insanity – if I can get my hands on it, and a bunch of other things I find along the way.  I was going to try ChaLEAN Extreme, but the first video barely got my heart pumping, so…eh, I’ll see if the other videos can pump me up.

Diet wise, I’m going to limit my sugar intake, white flour intake, and processed shit food.  Eat salads LOL, stop eating so goddamn much at dinner, and stop eating free dessert at the bistro ._.  That’s a big one, 1 dessert is like…what, 250 calories? That’s about the same as breakfast ._. so..not good.  I’ll try to eat ONE dessert on friday, and that’s it.  Ughh, if only I had REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY x9000 convincing friends beside me at that very moment to stop me from eating so many goddamn evenmoreshittyshit dessert.

So, wish me luck 😀 whoever is even reading this LOL

Today is day 3, I had badminton practice afterschool, and now (8:40pm) I’m going to work out with Tony Horton – my friggen hero.  🙂

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