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Italy towel review!

Posted by esbetsso on October 22, 2009

Ladies and ladies, it is here.  The italy towel review!  WHOO-HOO!  😀 ?
Now, there are 2 types of italy towels, a square-ish one,
non-glove, square italy towel

and the glove-type italy towel.

glove-type italy towel

They come in different colours as well – each with for a specific skin (sensitive, normal, dry).  I bought the green ones as they are for normal skin.  I can pretty much say that these are awesome for exfoliating.

Your skin must be properly softened/hydrated with warm/hot water before using this.  I took a 20 minute seasalt bath soak before using this.  After your soak, lightly apply pressure to scrub your body.  Please don’t scrub parts of your body where it’s very sensitive (like your armpits…I was curious)… it hurts ._. lol.  After scrubbing, you should see dark eraser shaving like things on your body and the towel, that’s just your dead skin 😀

I use this for my face as well, so you can too!  It’s actually pretty useful on your face.  When I sometimes wash my face with my soap, my skin sometimes goes a little dry and peels a bit.  When I properly exfoliate before washing my face, it doesn’t go dry anymore cause all the dead skin cells are all gone 😀

Overall, this deserves a 10/10! 10jeom manjeome 10jeom!

You can buy this basically at any Korean supermarket or store, I’m not exactly sure about other Asian supermarkets, but check them out anyways if there aren’t any Korean ones near you.  Or if all else fails, ebay it! 😀 There’s lots online, not to mention I bought my on ebay.


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