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Unicorns + Hurricanes = Chemistry b/t drugs and medicine?

Posted by esbetsso on July 17, 2010

This made my day.

if the picture is too big, just click on it and enlarge it 🙂

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I love my brown baby girl <3

Posted by esbetsso on November 11, 2009

Ahha x) I didn’t get pregnant.  Nor do I have a real baby.  BUTTTT, this weekend that just passed, I had to take care of a real simulation baby as a part of parenting class.  Here’s a pic of my baby girl ❤


Ain’t it cute and so real looking? No? Yeah that’s what I thought.

This baby acts just like a real baby.  There’s a computer inside it, and stores all the information you’ve done to it between the period of time you had to keep it.  So for 3 days, I had to feed it, rock it, burp it and change its diaper.  I had to take care of it 104 times in total throughout the 3 days.  And lemme tell you, it was torturous.  This thing cries in the middle of the night… and sometimes, loud.  Like, LOUD.  And it’s smart too >.>

So basically, there are 2 ways of feeding it.  A bottle, or a breast-feeding pin (it just looks like a square cloth with sensor inside, not an actually boob)… its in the pic above, next to the baby’s head, blue thing.  The way to feed the baby is to either hold the baby and use the bottle, or pin the breast-feeding pin to your shirt and hold the baby to your pin.  The cheating way would be to pin the pin to the baby’s hat, so the sensor is on the baby’s mouth, when you’re not actually feeding it.  See that would work perfectly, except the baby is smart >___>  Every time I pin the pin to its hat, it would eventually cry, loud; and I mean loud.  Every time I hold the baby and breastfeed it, it doesn’t cry.

…Smart ass baby.

The best worst thing about my weekend was that my parents went fishing on Saturday and Sunday.  You see, that would be good for me, if I didn’t have the baby.  But since they weren’t home, there was no one there to cook for me, or help me rock the baby.  Arghh.  AND to add to that, Sunday was a freaking beautiful day.  It was sunny.  SUNNY.  And warm.  Like 15C?  It was like almost at the negatives last week, like wtf.  So I was stuck at home, alone, no food, crying baby.  To top that all off, my friend had a killer party, which I didn’t get to go to ):  I didn’t get to see my crazy ass friends get drunk out of their minds.

Oh well, baby’s over.  Life is back.

After all this, I still haven’t named the baby yet…

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I tried.

Posted by esbetsso on October 26, 2009

I tried crocheting a beanie today.

I failed at it.

I will try again.


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