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My weekend ruined within the first 4 hours

Posted by esbetsso on March 27, 2010

So this morning, I wake up before 7am to go to work.  Sometime around 10pm, I accidentally spill boiling hot coffee water over my left hand.

So instead of going home like a regular sane person, I stayed at work because we didn’t have enough people.  Until 2pm.  2 fucking pm.

So now, its 10:31pm as I’m typing this with one hand.  My hand is fucking burning. I didn’t even get to workout today – and probably wont tomorrow – because I have to cool my hand down ever 5 minutes.

I have a crisis, my friend has a crisis.

I probably can’t sleep tonight or do shit tomorrow.

Fml, just fml.

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I’m not very happy ):<

Posted by esbetsso on December 5, 2009

My laptop won’t read the camera memory card thing.  Which means I can’t post pictures of what I bought yesterday and what I picked up from Canada Post.

):  So sad.

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that my laptop is about 3 years old and it just installed Windows 7 so now my SD card driver (i think that’s what reads the camera memory card) isn’t working

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