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Thank you everyone! :)

Posted by esbetsso on December 28, 2009

Haven’t posted about shopping in a while…soooo… :D!!

I got these from my lovely friend whom I love dearly…HAHAHAHAHHAA

I ordered these from soompi like a month ago.  USPS sucks and it took them over a month to deliver this ._.  I love the bags ❤

Armwarmer and legwarmer from friend and her sis, coat from her mom.  ❤

LOL. THIS.  Is from my mom’s friend.  Funny thing though, this is a couple necklace, and I don’t have a bf ):

Actually…that’s not funny.

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YESSS. All I needed was a USB cord. part 2

Posted by esbetsso on December 19, 2009

Soo… these are about all the items I’ve bought over the past…long time..

I was too lazy to take the necklaces and stuff outta their package to take pics, soo… stock photos!

😀 We got a central vaccum.  So now my room’s carpet is nice and clean.

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New Moon HeQi Crystal giveaway!

Posted by esbetsso on October 27, 2009

It’s another giveaway from HeQi Crystal! This time, it’s a new moon giveaway for you all Twilight lovers ;P
Make sure to check her out, her giveaway link is here

Her site is

go check her out!

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