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Unicorns + Hurricanes = Chemistry b/t drugs and medicine?

Posted by esbetsso on July 17, 2010

This made my day.

if the picture is too big, just click on it and enlarge it 🙂


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Site of the day: The Oatmeal

Posted by esbetsso on December 10, 2009

OMG I cannot believe I didn’t link this site earlier.  It’s about one of the most funniest sites I’ve ever found.

The Oatmeal is just a random site with comics, quizzes and stories.  And DAMN FUNNY comics, quizzes and stories.  Here’s one :

The is site is FILLED with hilarious shit, such as How to Ride a PonyThe 3 Phases of Owning a Computer, 5 Reasons Bacon is Better Than True Love, 4 Reasons to Carry a Shovel At All Times, The 6 Phases of a Tapeworm’s Life, Why I’d rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service.  These are just my favourite ones.  All of them make perfect sense, just perfect.  You’ll know what I’m talking about after your read half their stuff ;P

So go check them out at, no www 😀 ?

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You are a…

Posted by esbetsso on November 18, 2009


You are a scrawny clown who likes to tear heterosexuals.

GO TO THE SITE! Omg I could spend hours doing this XD

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Site of the day: Internet and Technology, Personal Development..and more

Posted by esbetsso on November 2, 2009

There’s one thing I really enjoy doing nowadays, and that’s finding cool blogs/sites.  I love reading what other people have to say about anything…well almost anything 😛

So I just found this really cool blog,  They have just about everything you need to know on their blog.  Some posts I found really interesting, such as: Life’s Rule Book 2009, Inspirational Quotes, Nutrition for Increasing Height, and Self Improvement Tip – Set Goals.  Now there’s LOTS of posts I haven’t read, so I’m not completely sure if everything is accurate, but it’s good to them a chance. Go check them out if you have nothing better to do, or nothing to do at all!

I think… I’m going to try their tips for growing taller >)  Hope it works D: ?

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