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YESSS. All I needed was a USB cord. part 1

Posted by esbetsso on December 19, 2009

So you know how my card driver reader thing isn’t working? I think it’s cause Windows 7 isn’t compatable with the HP Pavillion dv9000 card reader thingie, so I asked my aunt for the camera’s USB cord, and now I have pics.  Smarrrrt… I should’ve done that long ago LOL.  But anyways, now I have pictures 🙂 Im gonna split this post into 2 parts, too much to write 😀

So remember the first day of snow post?  Well now I have those pics 😀 even though the snow isn’t much.

Okok, so that the first snow day of winter 2009.  Now, the second snow day…

Like, BAM.  SNOW. BAM.  So much snow 😀  I was in my pjs, so I didn’t go outside to take a pic LOL.


So LONG ago, I bought Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Luxe and Outlast Lipgloss (or something like that)

7.5/10 Mascara was okayish.  It clumps a bit, lengths a bit, and gives volume by a bit.  You can sorta see the different..even if I used different eyes >.>..

6/10 Lipgloss…I didn’t like it.  :/  Colour was too intense, and if you messed up, it takes you like forever to rub it off, and sometime I couldn’t even rub it off.  I had to use soap!! and it STILL didn’t come off.  After that I just gave up.  The formula sorta makes your lips dry.. :/ I think I’m gonna stay with 1 tube of lipgloss instead of colour and gloss now.


I want a haircut.

I’m thinking…either cut my side bangs so its shorter, get straight bangs, or grow them.. hmmm

I need ideas.

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OMG! Dec 1, snow on ground! and camera isn’t working…

Posted by esbetsso on December 1, 2009

So this morning, I slept in a bit cause I haven’t got a good night’s sleep in a while since I have vball quite a few times a week.  So around 8:30, I came downstairs, and I saw snow outside.  And omg, I LOVE snow.  LOVE.  So I screamed.  Yes, screamed.  Literally went AHHHHHHHHHHH.  🙂  So I RAN upstairs to get my aunt’s camera (mine broke 3 years ago) and went outside in my pjs to take pictures of the snow.  Man I was SOOO happy this morning.

But guess what, the camera memory disk isn’t being accepted by my computer for some stupid reason.  Well actually, it isn’t really ‘not being accepted’, it just has no response.  There’s usually a G: disk when I put the memory stick in my laptop, but now it’s not working :/

Sucks, I’ll try to get this to work soon ):

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